Returning to UM

The best way to ensure a smooth return to UM is to keep in touch while you are away!  You are encouraged to email your Study Abroad advisor regularly while abroad. Before you leave, make sure your preferred mailing address on the UM Enrollment System is your permanent address, not your current UM (local) address.  Visit with any office you frequently deal with on campus to see if you can take care of any paperwork you might be expected to complete during the semester before you leave.  When you arrive and have settled in at the exchange institution, please send your overseas address, telephone, and e-mail to the Study Abroad office, the Office of Student Accounts, and the Office of Financial Assistance.

If you are a senior and plan to graduate while abroad, please make sure that you communicate with your academic advisor for a graduation credit check and that you log into Canelink to apply for graduation by the deadline date.

Financial Aid
Students returning from abroad should note that it may take several weeks after the completion of your study abroad program for your international transcripts to arrive to UM and be processed by the Registrar.  You may receive a message from the Office of Financial Assistance services stating that your financial aid has been affected by the delay in the posting of your grades.  Your financial aid package will be adjusted once your grades are processed by the UM Office of the Registrar.  


If you are studying abroad during the fall or spring semester and intend to live on campus at UM when you return from your study abroad program, be sure to visit the housing webpage for up to date information and import deadlines