Passports & Visas

For travel and study abroad, you will need a passport issued by the country of your citizenship. Your passport should be valid for the period you are abroad and six months after the date of departure from the country in which you are studying or traveling. If you already have a passport, be sure to verify that it is not due to expire!

U.S. Passports

The U.S. Department of State issues passports to United States citizens. You can apply for a passport at a passport agency, many Federal and state courts, some post offices, and at the Coral Gables City Hall. Certain criteria will determine whether you can apply for a passport by mail or need to do so in person.

Renewal of a U.S. Passport
You can renew your passport by mail if you:

• Already have a passport that is not damaged; and 
• Received it within the past 15 years; and 
• Were at least age 16 when it was issued; and 
• Still have the same name as in passport (or you can legally document your name change).

If your passport has been altered or damaged, you cannot apply by mail. You must apply in person. 
To apply for a passport by mail you will need to:

• Complete the DS-82 application form. This form can be downloaded at the U.S. State Department Travel website.
• Attach to your application form: 
o your most recent passport 
o two identical passport photographs 
o Submit the applicable renewal fee payable to the U.S. Department of State
• Mail in a padded envelope to:

National Passport Center
P.O. Box 90155
Pittsburgh, PA 19190-0155

New Application for a U.S. Passport
You will need to apply in person if …

• this is your first time applying for a U.S. passport
• your expired U.S. passport is not in your possession 
• your previous U.S. passport has expired and was issued more than 15 years ago
• your previous U.S. passport has expired and it was issued when you were under 16 
• your previous U.S. passport was lost, stolen or damaged

To apply for a passport in person you will need to:

• Complete the DSP-11 application form. This form can be downloaded at the U.S. State Department Travel website.
• Present proof of U.S. citizenship
• Present proof of identity
• Provide two passport photos
• Provide a Social Security #
 Submit the applicable application fee payable to the U.S. Department of State (Please note that additional charges will apply if you wish to expedite your application.) 
• Bring your application to an acceptance facility for processing.  
Acceptance facilities may include many Federal, state and probate courts, post offices, some public libraries and a number of county and municipal offices. There are also 13 regional passport agencies, which serve customers   who are traveling within 2 weeks (14 days), or who need foreign visas for travel. Appointments are required in such cases.  To find your nearest local acceptance facility visit the U.S State Department Travel website’s search page.

For more detailed information about visas and U.S. passports please visit the U.S. State Department Travel website.

For information about a pending passport or other information not found on the State Department website, you can call the toll-free National Passport Information Center number: 1-877-4USA-PPT (1-877-487-2778).

Non-U.S. Citizens should inquire with the consulate or embassy of their country of origin for information on renewing or applying for a passport.

Visa Information
You are required to have a visa for study abroad. A visa is issued by the country where you intend to travel. (If you are a citizen of the country in which you will be studying as an exchange student, you should check with the embassy or consulate of the country of your citizenship to determine if a student visa will be required for you). The appropriate consulate of that country in the U.S issues the visa. Visa regulations often change, and procedures can vary by Consulate and/or Embassy. You should verify the current visa application procedures with the appropriate Consulate or Embassy before initiating the process. While every effort is made to ensure that information given to study abroad students is updated and as accurate as possible, the University of Miami cannot guarantee that the visa information posted on our website or in printed materal is the most current.

Many visa application processes include an application, an official letter from the host university, a medical report, photos, and/or other country-specific requirements. There may be fees associated with the visa application. For detailed information, you should contact the appropriate consulate of the country where you will be studying abroad.

The process for obtaining a visa may take time, so you will need to plan ahead to get the necessary paperwork. If you feel you are not prepared to handle the visa process on your own you should consult a visa agency.

A list of visa requirements listed alphabetically by country can also be found at the U.S. State Department Students Abroad website.