Course Equivalencies

Courses taken abroad may fulfill major, minor, and general education coursework, with approval of your academic advisor.  Getting courses approved is an important step in the preparation process and should be taken care of while you are still on campus. 

  • Course equivalencies are granted by the academic departments, usually in a meeting with the department’s director of undergraduate studies or the department chair. 
  • When you make the appointment you should bring your Degree Progress Report, the Study Abroad Course Equivalency Form, and descriptions of courses for which you need equivalencies.  
  • It is strongly recommended that you get equivalencies for more courses than you intend to take, so that you have flexibility in choosing your schedule after you arrive at your host university in case a course is canceled or there is a conflict in the schedule.

Course Equivalency Database

This should be used as a guide only. The courses listed have been approved for University of Miami students studying abroad on UM Study Abroad Programs in the past. These are NOT blanket equivalencies. You must seek formal approval from the appropriate department.  

Course Equivalency Database

Course Equivalency Form

The completed Course Equivalency Form must be submitted to your Academic College or School. A copy will be requested by the Study Abroad Office once you are abroad, to be used for the existing course equivalency database. 

If you do not get equivalencies, the credit will be counted as general elective credit and could apply to the total number of elective credits needed for an undergraduate degree.  

Departmental Reviewer Directory


College or School






Ana Regalado

110B Architecture-Bld 48

(305) 284-3730

Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences - Advising




Business Administration

Jeanne Batridge

104 Merrick Building

(305) 284-2998


Luis Herrera

2037 Wolfson Building

(305) 284-5234


Dominic Castillejo

310C Merrick Building

(305) 284-5990


Advising Office

Room 250 McArthur Engineering Building


(305) 284-3100 


Whitney Nolton

210 Ungar Building

(305) 284-2180

Frost School of Music

Eva Alonso

5499 San Amaro Dr, Suite 108 PLF N

(305) 284-6915

Nursing & Health Studies

Andrea Alvarez

C. Schwartz Center, 15


(305) 284-4325

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